“If you can speak, you can influence, if you can influence, you can change lives” - Rob Brown.

Meet Shaniece Wauchope-Graham

Captivating, authentic, and candid, Shaniece's speaking leaves a profound impact on her audiences. In a world yearning for hope, Shaniece is driven to inspire and uplift wherever she goes. With a delicate balance, she challenges her listeners to change while ensuring they never feel condemned. Her core message emphasizes that we are all valued by God, and through Christ, there is no condemnation. She passionately advocates for honoring God by treating our bodies as His temples.

As the founder of Valued Inspired Purposed Ministries, Shaniece envisions Kingdom women discovering their value through God's eyes, deepening their intimacy with Him, embracing sexual purity, and fearlessly pursuing their God-given purpose to advance His Kingdom.

Shaniece is a renowned Purity & Wellness Coach, an Amazon Best-Selling and Triple Kingdom Indie Award-Winning Author of four books, and an Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur. Alongside being a devoted wife, she is committed to empowering single Christian women to heal from past hurts, maintain sexual purity, pursue their purpose fervently, and prepare for powerful partnerships.

Through her transformative coaching program, "Position For Marriage," Shaniece guides her clients from feelings of frustration and heartbreak to a place of healing, happiness, and excitement for love. She inspires them to embrace their singleness with grace, find purpose, and step into powerful Kingdom partnerships.

She inspires them to embrace their singleness with grace, find purpose, and step into powerful Kingdom partnerships.

Shaniece's Speaking Topics:

- Knowing Your Value: Embracing God's Perspective

- Healing for Love's Renewal

- Embracing Singleness with Grace

- Waiting with Hope and Purpose

- Preparing for Powerful Kingdom Partnerships

- Overcoming the Shackles of Sexual Sins

If you're ready for your audience to experience transformation, empowerment, release, and elevation, book Shaniece for your next event. Her powerful messages and unwavering passion will inspire your audience to embrace their divine identity and pursue a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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