From Hurt to Hope

From Hurt to Hope is a practical guide for single Christian women seeking to prepare for marriage. Author Shaniece draws on her personal experiences of heartbreak and healing to offer actionable steps and biblical wisdom to guide readers on their journey towards a fulfilling and God-centered marriage.

Coming Out of the Box

In this book, Shaniece shares her personal testimony of how she was able to overcome her struggle with rejection, lack of self-worth, identity, and sexual sins such as masturbation and pornography through the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ. If He did it for her then He will surely do it for you too.

Finding Your Way Back to God

Finding your way back to God expresses God's unconditional love to people who have drifted away from Him spiritually and/or physically and are reluctant to return because they feel unforgivable and hopeless.

The Honourable Call to Prayer

The Honourable Call to Prayer changes the perspective of readers to view prayer as an opportunity to spend time with the King of all kings, rather than being a mundane unfulfilling ritual.

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