Shaniece Wauchope-Graham is a Purity & Wellness Coach and an Amazon Best-Selling and Triple Kingdom Indie Award-Winning Author. As a vibrant and devoted woman of God, she embarked on a life-altering journey of restoration when she surrendered her life to Him in 2011. This profound transformation inspired her to share her story in three empowering books – "The Honourable Call to Prayer," "Coming Out of the Box: My Journey to Purity and Identity," and "Finding Your Way Back to God: Your Journey to Restoration."

Shaniece is a passionate advocate for spiritual intimacy with God, firmly believing that prayer is the foundation of a deeply intimate relationship with Him.

To inspire believers in prayer, she spearheads "The Honourable Call to Prayer," an intercessory program dedicated to activating the power of prayer in the lives of many.

Driven by her newfound understanding of her value in God's eyes, Shaniece's mission is to impart this knowledge to others through her books, coaching, and mentorship programs. Her heart's desire is to see young people restored into purposeful individuals who wholeheartedly love God with every fiber of their being.

Understanding the importance of holistic wellness, Shaniece is a strong advocate for maintaining a healthy physical body and an emotionally balanced mind. She believes that a healthy body enables us to serve the Kingdom more effectively. In her vision, the Church should not only be spiritually healthy but also mentally and physically, recognizing the interconnectedness of all aspects of life.

With unwavering faith, Shaniece boldly addresses a significant issue often overlooked in the Church – sexual purity. Drawing from her personal experience, she understands the weight of guilt, shame, and condemnation that can accompany sexual sins. In a world inundated with impurity, Shaniece courageously empowers Kingdom women to break free from the chains of sexual sin and embrace their God-given purpose.

In every aspect of life, Shaniece lives by her motto – "wellness is a lifestyle of worship." She firmly believes that we must honor God in our bodies, cultivating a life that brings glory to His name.

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