Single, Chaste & Confident

Empowering Single Women in Purpose

Embrace Your Single Season, Walk in Purpose - A 90-Day Journey

Are you feeling frustrated with your singleness?

Have you been waiting for the right partner and feel like time is slipping away?

Do you long to find contentment in your singleness and release relationship anxiety?

Are you struggling to handle your sexual urges and desire to break free from past patterns?

Do you seek to discover and confidently walk in your God-given purpose while growing deeper in intimacy with God?

Know that you are not alone – I've been there too. But fear not, for there's beauty and purpose in your single season waiting to be unlocked. Allow me to share the wisdom and tools that helped me embrace and conquer my single journey. Together, we'll embark on a transformative 90-day program tailored to empower you to thrive in your singleness and walk confidently in your purpose.

In this program, we'll work on releasing relationship anxiety and healing from past hurts, empowering you to break free from sexual sins and gain control over your emotions and urges. As we journey together, you'll gain a deeper appreciation of your unique identity, discover the qualities you desire in a future partner, and confidently embrace your God-given purpose.

By the end of this transformational program, you'll feel restored, renewed, and fully prepared for the next chapter of your life that God has in store for you. Embrace your single season and step into your purpose with renewed confidence and joy!

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Valued Inspired Purposed Ministries is a dedicated faith-based business empowering Kingdom women to discover their true worth in Christ and embrace their God-given purpose.